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The Application of Wall Decal advertising in the promotion of chocolate

Channel modes of chocolate promotion

Take advantage of the reasons for the off-season, and solve the problems caused by the off-season in terms of sales and promotion methods. In order to overcome the temperature restriction in summer, bold innovation has been made in the way of display and promotion. In some cities, chocolate factories can negotiate with supermarkets to display chocolate in the air cooler selling fresh milk and fresh meat products at the cost of normal display, so as to solve the problem of chocolate preservation in summer. In addition, by bundling with Coca Cola, a popular product in the summer, the sales volume in the off-season has been greatly increased. In terms of sales, chocolate companies can adopt market vividness. The so-called market vividness is all the activities at the point of sale that can affect consumers’ purchase of Mars products. The three principles of the vividness of Mars’ market: wide distribution – buy; Obvious – you can see wall stickers or decals ads everywhere; Readily accessible – accessible. This will strengthen the point of sale advertising and increase visibility; Attract consumers’ attention to Mars products; Make it easy for consumers to see Mars’ products; Stimulating consumers’ impulse purchase; The brand planning company believes that it can maintain the brand and product image in front of consumers and play the role of ground advertising.

Dove chocolate promotion strategy

In terms of publicity, “Dove” made use of stickers posters, hanging flags, pasting stickers, plastic shelves, shelve decals, floating objects, display paper cabinets, dove special display shelves, cash register shelves, hot shelves decals, bulk shelves murals, etc. It also adopts the way of publicity materials and display, which has a much stronger effect than the single display: the sales volume is 1.8 times that of the single display; In addition to grasping the display of goods, the last thing is to strive for the display of the cashier, which is the last sales opportunity; Adopt small package, fast selling varieties, and sell the same varieties at all cash desks. There are many self-adhesive advertisements used in sales promotion. You can use wall sticker, wall decals or even wall murals to decorate stores and promotion points. Bright wall stickers can catch customers’ eyes and improve conversion efficiency.

Dove uses emotional appeal to meet the consumption behavior of young people

According to the survey, the average age of chocolate consumers is mainly between 15 and 24 years old. People over 35 buy chocolate for their children or gifts.
There are many examples of dove using emotion marketing. Every Valentine’s day or Chinese Tanabata Festival, you will find that the first counter in major supermarkets must be Dove chocolate. Dove just captures the main emotion of young people’s love. Among the young consumers, those who buy Dove chocolate for love account for the main part. In the process of the girl’s intercourse, giving a piece of chocolate just can express the sweet and deep love. Love is the theme of every advertisement of dove. You can use beautiful stickers on the choclate packages. This is a good way to meet the needs of young consumers. In addition, the taste of dove products is also very unique, which is very suitable for the preferences of young people, especially for the satisfaction of female consumers.

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