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Check out the list of presentations below, and virtually visit these chocolate businesses at the times listed to learn about chocolate topics. And, of course, don’t forget to show your love with a purchase or two. Any listing with a “Re-Watch!” button will take you to the video recording of that presentation. Get Started

Festival Schedule: March 27

Check back often, as presentations are continually being added. Times are listed as Eastern Standard (GMT-5)

March 27

1:00AM  EST

Christina Dove

KaD Kakoa

Moving to a delivery-based business.

March 27

6:30AM  EST

Michal Herufek

Herufek Chocolate

Guided Tour through manufactory, showing chocolate equipment which we are using and Q&A

March 27

8:00AM EST

Lilian Molina

Club del Chocolate, Victoria

Bean to Bar distribution in Spain

March 27

9:00AM  EST

Oliver William

Primo Botanica

Cooking demo of vegan single origin brownies.

March 27

9:30AM  EST

Allen Gonzalez

Avenida Cacao

Chocolate with sense from our factory in Honduras

March 27

11:00AM EST

Björn Becker

mike & Becky

Truth about Belgian chocolate live from Brussels

March 27

11:30PM  EST

Lindsay Tarnoff

Laughing Gull

Chocolate, ethically and locally. We plan to walk, talk and (taste!) participants through our choices to stay true to our mission, and support local.

March 27

12:00PM EST

Nikki Woolfolk

Belle Monde Chocolates 

Preparing Sipping Chocolate and a quick Chocolate Tasting session

March 27

12:30PM EST

Paul John Kearins


Meet Paul! He’ll introduce Chocolatasm, share his thoughts on chocolate and his philosophy, shadow some of his products and answer questions.

March 27

1:00PM  EST

Peter Schoenaker


A short introduction of a few Dutch makers

March 27

1:30PM  EST


Somos Cacao SAS

Tree to bar chocolate from Colombia.

March 27

2:00PM EST

Jim & Maureen Elitzak

Zak’s Chocolate

Walking tour through retail shop/tasting room into factory in back.
Focus will be on our use of:
– house-pressed cocoa butters and powders
– local ingredients and local collaborations

March 27

2:30PM EST

Victoria Kichuk

Cocoa Beantown Chocolate Tours and Tasting Events

Highlights of some aspects of the history of chocolate in Massachusetts with some quick reviews of some Massachusetts chocolate makers.

March 27

3:00PM EST

Ben Snyder


Home baking with craft chocolate. 

March 27

3:30PM  EST

Marisol Slater

Chocolate House DC

Blind tasting: digging deeper into your chocolate tastes.

March 27

4:00PM EST

Michele DeLuca-Verley

La Maison de Coco

visit our commercial kitchen in our barn on our property.

March 27

4:30PM EST

Salty Mr. Rogers

Chequessett Chocolate

Chequessett Chocolate meets salty Mr. Rogers

March 27

5:00PM  EST

Jessica Ramirez + Erik Landis

El Buen Cacao

A short virtual tour of our factory explaining the process from bean to bar followed by a walk to our retail shop.

March 27

5:30PM EST

Harshit Gupta

MaDHU Chocolate

Chocolate Tastings, Preferred pairings & info on our R&D

March 27

6:00PM EST

Brook Johnson

Yahara Chocolate

Pairing chocolate and tea.

March 27

6:30PM  EST


To’Ak Chocolate

It’s FRIDAY!!! You made it through the week. Now it’s time to join Sammy from T.cacao to make a Rum Hot Chocolate. The perfect way to wind down and ease into the weekend.

March 27

7:00PM EST

Glenn Petriello

ChocoTastery (feat. El Buen Cacao)

Chocolate Tasting to Promote Chocolate Bar Bundles.

March 27

7:30PM  EST

Carley Snider

Animas Chocolate

From film to chocolate! Lose your soul to chocolate from Fort Collins

March 27

8:00PM EST

Amber Lee 

Chocolate Lovers Toronto 

Chocolate Excellence in Canada. Main focus is to discuss the growth of Bean to Bar in Canada.

March 27

8:30PM EST

Glenn Petriello

ChocoTastery + Amber Royer

A chocolate tasting to talk about Amber’s The Chocoverse 3 book series including her newest book, Fake Chocolat.

March 27

9:00PM  EST

Will Lydgate

Lydgate Farms 

Chocolate harvest on Kauai

March 27

9:30PM EST

Boworn Pruk 


Growing organic cacao trees in Bangkok.

March 27

10:00PM EST

Karen Neugebauer

Forte Chocolate

The making of great truffles!

March 27

10:30PM  EST

Preston Stewart

Markham & Fitz 

Factory tour and chocolate beverages

March 27

11:00PM EST

Nicholas Hernandez


Ask me anything about Colombian cacao and chocolate