Get your Fest On!

It’s like a festival…but at home.

Check out the list of presentations below, and virtually visit these chocolate businesses at the times listed to learn about chocolate topics. And, of course, don’t forget to show your love with a purchase or two. Any listing with a “Re-Watch!” button will take you to the video recording of that presentation. 

Festival Schedule: March 26

Check back often, as presentations are continually being added. Times are listed as Eastern Standard (GMT-5)

March 26

6:00AM  EST

Julia Zotter

Zotter Chocolate

Virtual tour of chocolate factory and experimental kitchen with an AMA (Ask Me Anything…)

March 26

8:30AM  EST

Mario Vandeneede


Meet the maker @mariovandeneede of Chocolatoa in his chocolate factory in Ruiselede (Bruges Belgium).

March 26

9:00AM  EST

Helen Lopez

helen Chocolates

El Chocolate en España

March 26

10:00AM  EST

Alysha Kropf & Brooke Willis

Ecole Chocolat (feat. B Cocoa)

Putting the craft in craft chocolate with B Cocoa Artisan Chocolate.

March 26

10:30AM EST

Kjartan Gíslason

Omnom Chocolate

Learn about chocolate making from Iceland! 

March 26

11:00AM  EST

Karma Decker

Karma in the Kitchen

We’ll be sharing how we make our cream center chocolates, along with tips and tricks for making these velvety, delicious confections.

March 26

11:30AM EST

Denise Steele

Lohcally Artisan Chocolates

See how Denise crafts her chocolates. 

March 26

12:00PM  EST

Hugo Chavez


High five: 5000 years of mesoamerican cacao

March 26

12:30PM EST

Andy Brown

La Cascade du Chocolat 

Virtual tour of kitchen and retail, talking about how we do what we do.

March 26

1:00PM EST

Matt Dixon

Harper Macaw

Cooking at home with chocolate

March 26

1:30PM  EST

jessica Ferraro

Bar Cacao

“We Are Very Open:” Specialty Grocers and Craft Chocolate During COVID-19.

March 26

2:00PM  EST

Patrick Walter

Choco Del Sol

30min  guided tour through our factory, including parts of the castle where the EuroBean Chocolate Festival is hosted

March 26

2:30PM EST

Mark Gerrits

Obolo Chocolate

Tour factory of ÓBOLO with deep dive focus on our use of natural Chilean herbs, spices and berries in our bars. Bonus track of talking about being a B Corporation chocolate maker.

March 26

3:00PM EST

Amy l. Camargo

Chocolates U

How to make our signature hot chocolate products

March 26

3:30PM EST

Arcelia Gallardo

Mission Chocolate

A discussion on Brazilian flavors and AMA (Ask Me Anything…)

March 26

3:30PM  EST

Eli Curtis

Bisou Chocolate

Chocolate Drive Thru.

March 26

4:30PM EST

Ben Rassmusen

Potomac Chocolate

All Ben Rassmusen, all the time: Tour of my absurdly small chocolate factory with discussion of equipment, chocolate-making process, and Potomac Chocolate’s story.

March 26


Roy Wilhen Fraatz Lopez

Cocoa Verapaz

Elaboracion de licor de cacao, tueste descascarillado y molienda, pruebas fisicas de calidad  (Cacao evaluation with a field expert.)

March 26

5:30PM EST

Carl Schweizer


Join To’ak co-founder, Carl Schweizer, for a virtual tour of our aging facility in Quito, Ecuador, as well as a 101 in the science behind aging chocolate.

March 26

6:00PM  EST

Stephen Durfee

Culinary Institute of America 

Demo of basic tempering skills.  

March 26

6:30PM EST

Nate Saal


The Future of Home Chocolate-making

March 26

7:00PM  EST

Nat Bletter

Madre Chocolate

Traditional Mexican chocolate drinks like tejate with T. Bicolor and tascalate

March 26

7:30PM EST

Amanda Jo Wildey

El Cacaotal Peru

A Retailer’s Perspective of Peru’s Craft Chocolate Boom: Connecting the Pieces

March 26

8:00PM EST

Ana Velia Villarreal

Chocolate de la Villa Real

How to prepare Oaxacan Hot chocolate and the differences with other chocolates

March 26

8:30PM  EST

Sophie Vanderbecken

Le Caméléon Chocolates

From chocolate to cacao – virtual animated tour

March 26

9:30PM EST

Natalie Suwanprakom

Xoconat Craft Chocolate and Confections

Xoconat’s Thai inspired infusion bars/confectionary and virtual tasting.