Get your Fest On!

It’s like a festival…but at home.

Check out the list of presentations below, and virtually visit these chocolate businesses at the times listed to learn about chocolate topics. And, of course, don’t forget to show your love with a purchase or two. Any listing with a “Re-Watch!” button will take you to the video recording of that presentation.  G

Festival Schedule: March 24 & 25

Check back often, as presentations are continually being added. Times are listed as Eastern Standard (GMT-5)

March 24

1:30PM  EST

Lauren Heineck & Patricia 

Well Tempered, Eating the Chocolate Alphabet

Patricia’s insight into cataloging inventory, tips for eating/tasting/storing chocolate at home. 

March 25

10:00AM  EST

Laura Aguilar

Planeta Cacao

Planeta Cacao: Guided tour for our cacao garden, explaining how we dreamed to create it 5 years ago, and how we are working hard to promote cacao culture in Mexico 🇲🇽

March 25

11:30AM  EST

Kevin Paschall

Shane Confectionery

Virtual tour of America’s oldest continuously operated confectionery.

March 25

12:00 Noon EST

Valerie Beck 

Chocolate Uplift

Chocolate for Breakfast: Surprising Health Benefits from Adding the Right Chocolate to Your Meals

March 25

1:00PM  EST

Susana Cardenas

Cardenas Chocolate

Learn about  our journey rediscovering heritage cacao in Manabí, Ecuador and how we are keeping our identity alive while empowering local communities

March 25

1:30PM EST

Kate McAleer

Bixby & Co.

New Product Launch

March 25

2:00PM  EST

Germán Santillán

Oaxacantina Chocolate

Chocolate in the Mixtec Region of Oaxaca

March 25

2:30PM  EST

Monica Rogan

Goodnow Farms Chocolate

See our factory in a barn, and join a virtual tasting. 

March 25

3:30PM  EST

Dustin Taylor

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate

Factory Tour and AMA (Ask Me Anything…)

March 25

6:00PM EST

Jamie Friere


We will talk about Bean to Bar Experiences in Ecuador, we want to show our machines at work! 

March 25

7:00PM  EST

Stephen Durfee

Culinary Institute of America

I will discuss what we do in my class for our #wherehaveyoubean? (Bean 2 Bar) program and our “CraftChocolateria” project, which includes all kinds of chocolate products (tablets and bars, confections, desserts and pastries). and maybe sing an original song.