celebration of fATHERHOOD 

Stay home, eat chocolate, and cherish Fatherhood! 

Check out the list of presentations below, and virtually visit these chocolate businesses at the times listed to learn about chocolate topics. And, of course, don’t forget to show your love with a purchase or two. Any listing with a “Re-Watch!” button will take you to the video recording of that presentation.  Get Started

Festival Schedule: June 19 and 20

Check back often, as presentations are continually being added. Times are listed as Eastern Standard (GMT-5)

June 19 

4.00PM  EST

Sam Ratto

Videri Chocolate Factory 

Bourbon and Chocolate Pairing 

June 19

5.00PM EST

Teddy Ruiz and Roy Fraatz

cACAO Verapaz 

What is like to be a cacao farmer and a dad! 

June 19 

5.30PM EST

Greg D’Alesandre  

Dandelion Chocolate 

Wonders of Cacao nibs – What Are Nibs?

June 19 

6.00PM EST

Ramon E. Martinez 

Club ChoKolate

Bean-to-Bar for Children!  

June 19

6.30PM EST

Flor Heras 

Reina Negra Chocolate 

Will share the story of how the chocolate connected father and daughter! 

June 20

1:00PM EST

Bala Croman 

The Chocolate Cellar UK 

Lemon Puff Truffles — Dad’s favorite recipe! 

June 20

1:30PM EST

Erik Hansen 

DesBarres Chocolate

Chocolate in the Summer: Flowers aren’t the only thing blooming. We plan to talk about summer chocolate care and summer chocolate treats and offer two of our favourite summer chocolate recipes.

June 20

2.00PM  EST

Joshua Rosen 

Charm School Chocolate

Cooking with dad in the kitchen! 

June 20

2.30PM EST

Jessica Henderson

Chocolate Monkey

Why should I buy a $10 USD chocolate bar? 

June 20

3.00PM EST

Erin Andrews 

Indi Chocolate

You’ve Never Seen Chocolate Like This Father’s Day Bundle

June 20

3.30 PM EST

Susan Mall

Volo Chocolate

Recipes to share with Dad!