celebration of Fatherhood 

Stay home, eat chocolate, and cherish Fatherhood! 

Check out the list of presentations below, and virtually visit these chocolate businesses at the times listed to learn about chocolate topics. And, of course, don’t forget to show your love with a purchase or two. Any listing with a “Re-Watch!” button will take you to the video recording of that presentation.  Get Started

Festival Schedule: June 12 and 13

Check back often, as presentations are continually being added. Times are listed as Eastern Standard (GMT-5)

June 12 

4.00PM  EST

Adam DicK AND Dustin Taylor  

Dick Taylor Chocolate 

Single Origin Tasting Flight Kits 

June 12

4.30PM  EST

Barbara Wilson

Mindo Chocolate Makers 

Father’s Day Tasting! 

June 12

5.00PM EST

Kate McAleer 

Bixby & Co.  

Grilling local Tofu with our Cacao Nib rubs

June 12

5.30PM EST

Jessica Ferraro 

Bar Cacao

Exclusive Father’s Day chocolate-tasting party gift picks, tips & savings:

June 12

6.00PM EST

Harshit Gupta 

Madhu Chocolate 

Father’s day special gift basket! 

June 12 

6.30PM EST

Brook Johnson 

YaHARA Chocolate 

Darkest of dark chocolate and what to pair with it workshop

June 13

1:00PM EST

Valerie Beck

Chocolate Uplift 

Rad Dads: Men Who Craft Chocolate and Equality, Chats with Chocolate Makers About Father’s Day Chocolate and More

June 13

1:30PM EST

Arcelia Gallardo

Mission Chocolate  

Father’s Day Chocolate Special! 


June 13  

2.00PM  EST

Morag Reid

Banyan Tree Chocolate & Cafe

Beer Truffles! 

June 13

2.30PM EST

Rob Anderson

Fresco Chocolate

Amy’s famous chocolate chip cookies and Rob’s favorite drinking chocolate

Tune In!

June 13

3.00PM EST


Markham & Fitz 

Chocolate Cocktails & Special Bar Release! 

June 13 

3.30 PM EST

Mario Vandeneede 


Fathers’s Day Special Gift!