Stay Home.

Eat Chocolate.

Millions of chocolate consumers around the world are practicing social distancing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the meantime, chocolate businesses around the world are suffering from the downturn in business, as well as missing the connection with their communities.  

The Stay Home With Chocolate Festival is bridging that gap by bringing digital content from across the industry to the community.

The chocolate companies invited to participate in the #StayHomeWithChocolate Festival have all been hand-selected for their focus on quality and ethics. They prize craftsmanship and flavor excellence while sourcing ingredients in a transparent manner.

The Festival will include Instagram Live tours of chocolate factories, cacao farms, guided chocolate tastings, cooking with chocolate demos, and more, to be held throughout the day across multiple time zones from March 24 – 28, 2020. As possible, videos will be archived on YouTube. 



Intro Video from #StayHomeWithChocolate

Tour Shane Confectionery with Kevin Paschall

Eating the Chocolate Alphabet & Well Tempered 

Chocolate For Breakfast with Valerie Beck of Chocolate Uplift

Oaxacanita Chocolate with Germán Santillán and Ruth Valladares

Hot Chocolate Balls with Amy I Carmago of ChocolateU

Goodnow Farms with Monica and Tom Rogan

Coconut Craft Chocolate with Natalie Suwanprakom


We are active members of the craft chocolate industry who have pulled together during this critical time in an effort to help the world’s amazing chocolate makers and chocolatiers bring their stories and their products to old fans and new friends. 

Our team from FCCI, Uncommon Cacao and Craft Chocolate Experience are leveraging social media, individual makers, and the amazing good will of chocolate lovers everywhere, we seek to keep people engaged with craft chocolate as a calm within the chaos unfolding.


Ways to Help


Check back our schedule each day to see programming options from some of the finest chocolate makers in the world. Learn their stories, see their businesses, and try their products. 

Go Social

Share your chocolate stories on social media! This could be a photo of your stash, or your own review of a favorite bar. Let’s bring the chocolate world together! Use the hashtag #StayHomeWithChocolate and we’ll repost! 


Help keep these small businesses afloat during a tough time by buying their products. Or, if you want to help keep the lights on here, you can donate to FCCI on behalf of the festival as well.  

Thanks for Helping our Craft Chocolate Friends!